For how long has Puppy Paws been breeding Bullmastiffs?

We have been Breeders since 1989.

What is your vision at Puppy Paws?

To breed dogs of outstanding quality by adhering to strict KUSA regulations. We try to maximise the positive traits of the breed while minimizing any aggressiveness that may be present.

Are your dogs KUSA registered?

Yes, all our dogs and puppies are KUSA registered. Certificates for hips and elbows of parents are available on request.

How long will it take for me to receive my KUSA papers?

On average it takes 3 – 4 months for the entire process.

How do I get my KUSA registration papers?

All relevant documentation will be sent to you via mail or to your nearest PostNet branch.

Do Bullmastiffs make good family pets?

Absolutely! They are extremely child friendly and will make an excellent addition to your family.

Are Bullmastiffs constant barkers?

No. They only bark when necessary and thus make good watch dogs as well.

Where can I see your available puppies?

You can either make an appointment to come and view the pups or you can have a look on our Facebook page: Puppy Paws Bullmastiffs.

Can I come at any time to view your available pups?

Unfortunately not. We work on a strict appointment basis and you have to organise a date and time with us.

At what age do you sell your puppies?

Puppies can be pre-booked but will only go to their forever homes from 6 – 8 weeks old.

I just booked a puppy but will not be able to pick it up at 8 weeks. What now?

You can arrange with us to keep your puppy slightly longer before taking it home.

How do I know my puppy is healthy?

All our puppies are de-wormed, inoculated, micro-chipped and vet-checked.

When must I take my puppy to the Vet again?

Your pup needs to visit the Vet again at 12 weeks old. Your Vet will advise you of follow-up visits after that.

What kind of food must I give my puppy?

Any good quality and preferably vet-stocked dog food will be acceptable. We will give you a sample to take along with you.

What is the cost of a puppy?

Please check our Facebook page for costs. Search for us under “Puppy Paws Bullmastiffs” or just click on the Facebook sidebar on our Contacts page. Alternatively complete our Contact form and we’ll send you the cost via e-mail.

Do I need to pay a deposit when booking a puppy?

Yes. We require a non-refundable deposit in the amount of R 2000.00 per puppy.

Do you accept cash payments?

Yes, you are welcome to pay in cash.

Do you accept EFT payments?

Yes, we do. Please use your name and surname as reference for all payments.

Do you accept card payments?

Unfortunately we do not have card payment facilities.

What is your banking details?

BA Swart
First National Bank
Irene 210 529
Cheque Account: 6248 052 1618

Where are you located?

We are located between Kempton Park and Pretoria just off the R21 Highway. Have a look at our Contact Us page for a Google Map location.

I don’t live nearby – how do I get my puppy home?

Our pups can be flown to your nearest airport in South Africa. Depending on your location the cost is normally between R 1 500.00 and R 2 000.00 per puppy. Please enquire if you would like to include this option.

Do you sell puppies that will be moving across the border?

We do but unfortunately we do NOT assist with any of the paper work required to take your puppy across South African borders to neighbouring countries.