Who We Are

Bullmastiffs have been part of our family since 1970. The kennel name “Fountainvalley” was established in 1989. Bullmastiffs make wonderful pets and family dogs. They can be trained to be great as an “inside” dog but also make excellent watch dogs. They love kids, are loyal friends, have a lovable nature and will most probably become the favourite member of your family! Not being a very active dog they do well in a normal sized yard, they are not continuous barkers but they will warn you when a stranger approaches.

Our Aim

At Fountainvalley our aim is to breed good, strong & healthy dogs.
We continuously improving our bloodlines and recently brought in imported Dutch and Danish bloodlines.
Our puppies are well cared for, inoculated, dewormed, microchipped and registered with KUSA

About the Breed

Eyes: Dark or Hazel
Ears: V-shaped, small, deeper colour than the body
Head: Large, square, fair wrinkles
Muzzle: Broad & short
Teeth: Slight under bite, rather level bite
Feet: Not large, rounded toes, well arched
Tail: Strong at the root, hanging down
Coat: Short & hard
Colour: Red, Fawn or Brindle with dark muzzle & mask around the eyes



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